Module Review

List of Module Reivews

CN1111 – Chemical Engineering Principles

MA1505 – Mathematics I

MA1506 – Mathematics II

IT1005 – Introduction to Programming with MatLab

CM1502 – General Physical Chemistry for Engineers

MLE1101 – Introductory Materials Science and Engineering

LSM1401 – Fundamentals of Biochemistry

ES1531 (formally EG1413) – Critical Thinking and Writing

EG2401 – Engineering Professionalism

CN2121-Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

CN2122-Fluid Mechanics

CN2116-Chemical Kinetics & Reactor Design

CN2125-Heat & Mass Transfer

CN3124–Fluid-Solid Systems

CN3132 – Separation Processes

ES2331-Communicating Engineering

HR2002 – Human Capital in Organizations

CN4248-Sustainable Process Development

CN5111-Optimization Of Chemical Processes

CN5251-Membrane Science & Technology

Other modules that you might consider:

BSP1005–Managerial Economics

EC1301 – Principles of Economics

EL1101E–The Nature of Language

LAC3201–Chinese 3

LSM2202A – Experimental Molecular and Cell Biology

LSM1301 – General Biology 

LAF3201 – French 3

MA1100–Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics

MNO1001 – Management and Organization

MNO3330–Social Entrepreneurship

SC1101E – Making Sense of Society (Sociology)


GEK1506 Heavenly Mathematics: Cultural Astronomy

GEK1064-Psychology in Everyday Life

GEM2900 – Understanding Uncertainty and Statistical Thinking

GEM2901 – Reporting Statistics in the Media

SSS1207 – Natural heritage of Singapore

SSA2204 – Nation-Building in Singapore

SSA2214–Singapore and India: Emerging Relations

SSA2215 – The Biophysical environment of Singapore

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